What is the process of becoming part of The Church at Northshore?
To become a part of The Church at Northshore, there isn’t a process. To be involved within our community, all you need to do is come. It is our hope and intention to serve you, teach you, share with you, love you, and allow you to participate – no matter where you are in your spiritual journey. You are encouraged to let us know that you desire to be a regular guest of our church and we welcome you to participate in the gatherings and activities of Northshore: Sunday mornings, home groups, special events, etc.

What is the process of becoming a “Member” of The Church at Northshore?
After attending long enough for you to get to know us, we invite you to consider not just being our guest, but a member of the Northshore family.
To be a member of this congregation, you must be willing to publicly acknowledge your commitment to Jesus as your Savior, Lord and God. You must be willing to share our desire to be a family of Believers who adhere to being disciples of Christ, who are marked by baptism/immersion, in the threefold name: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. You must be willing to share our goal to follow all the teachings of Jesus, through the guidance of the Spirit and the instruction of the Scriptures and in the mercy of His grace. (see Matthew 28)
You are more than welcome to join us as we strive to build the Kingdom of God. May together we bring glory to God through Northshore, as it is in Christ Jesus: day after day, generation after generation, forever and ever…

What is the process of becoming a “Ministry Leader” of The Church at Northshore?
The only reason to be recognized as a “ministry leader” is this gives you permission/authority by Northshore to serve/lead/love people as part of our community.

The Ministry Leaders’ process looks like this:
Have made a focused / public commitment to Christ.
Be connected to a Small Group, Ministry Team or Committee.
Be given permission by the recognized leadership of Northshore.

Be willing to:
Invest your passions – Honor God by following Christ personally and passionately. Your reputation is Christ’s reputation and the church’s reputation.
Invest your time/talents/skills/gifts – Participate in the life of the congregation through genuine worship, prayer, fellowship, sharing, learning, and serving.
Invest your resources – Support the building of God’s Kingdom here and worldwide through your finances and possessions, giving as the Lord leads and provides.
Invest your relationships – Develop authentic loving relationships with others in the church and establish significant relationships with those who do not know Jesus. Remember first your family.
Bottom line: You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart/passion, soul, mind/intelligence, and strength/energy – and love others as well as you love yourself.