MIDPOINT – meeting at Northshore

MIDPOINT is an opportunity for those who aren’t already involved in a house group to find a place where you can get plugged into the Northshore fellowship. So if you’re not involved in a group, check it out! We meet each Wednesday starting at 6:00 pm.

We begin with supper – $5 donation/adult $3/child

The children go to class around 6:45 when the adults begin their lesson.discussion from the Book of Hebrews

8:00: Wrap up / Clean up

Men’s Monday Breakfast Group

6:30-7:30 breakfast and discussion on the characteristics of a Christian man based on the characteristics of an “elder” “deacon” from Paul’s writings

Men’s Friday Breakfast Group

We meet each Friday morning at 6:30 am. $3/food—conversation is free

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