Why Northshore starts with a family; The Bennett Family, and an example of people doing God’s work, people doing something for others just because they care, a real selfless act. Alright right now I want to say that I’m uneducated and worry about my punctuation and use of words– I get very anxious about speaking in public for the same reason. That’s also directly related to my journey away from God. I somehow got it in my head that it was cool to be the bad guy, to be destroying myself. Bad guys don’t go to school. Ha. This lifestyle led me further and further away from God and deeper and deeper into drug and alcohol addiction. Torment and Despair the devil had me right where he wanted me. So,I turn to a God I wasn’t sure existed, a God I once cussed, and a group of anonymous people in desperation. I reconnected with who is now my wife, we we’re in similar places in our journey. Cathy Bennett and the Bennett family are a huge part of her life, they’ve taken her in and taken care of her kids when she had to be away. I’m immediately suspect of these people, These Bennetts. Ha. What do they want? And Jess is going to some church with them. Northshore? what do they want? But I desire change— I beg God for it. I come around these Bennetts and this Northshore and eventually see that I’m wrong these Bennetts— Cathy don’t want anything just to help… Hmm. This church doesn’t want anything just to praise the Lord… Hmm. I got a feeling at Northshore I had no doubt that God exist and had saved a wretch like me, and a gallon of tears, that I fought back, rushed to my eyes.