Why Northshore? It is more of a question, “Why not Northshore” I love the Church at Northshore and everything about it. The first time that I walked in the door, I knew that I was home. The services are always different. I never know what I’m going to get. The first time that I can home, I learned a new way to open a banana. The people of Northshore are amazing. They are each just oozing with love and acceptance. I was hugged the first time I walked in the door and have been every time after. I finally knew where I belonged. Northshore is a church of community tables, not separating pews. At what other church is it ok to draw on the tables. It is a place where you can walk in and see the tables full of people who know who you are and love you for it. At what other church are you encouraged to express yourself to God through art and dance? You can dance. You can sit. No matter how you worship, no one glares at you as if you were doing it wrong.

Northshore is where the family comes together for a meal after the service and has trouble deciding who to sit with because of all the love from every single person. I love Northshore because of all the unique ways that we have come together to spread the Word of God. Like Jesus, we have our baptisms outside. Northshore is a church where every person can pray out loud during the service if they so choose. It’s not just the person on the stage. The songs that are sung are sometimes well known, and sometimes they are completely original. Northshore is a small church, but it has a heart that beats with the amazing love of God. So, why Northshore? Because it is home.