Why Northshore? When Shane and I decided on adoption we were scared to death. We didn’t know where to start, how to start, who to call, where to look! We knew we wanted to be parents so bad and that our Father in Heaven had placed it on our hearts to adopt! As the journey began, the Northshore family lifted Shane and I in prayer daily! Our adoption process like others was lengthy and scary. There were times that I didn’t think we would be able to keep her. The entire process from beginning to end was a testing of mine and Shane’s faith in GOD! At one point we offered our daughter,who was not yet officially ours but who we loved from the very first time we laid eyes on her, to our father in heaven and asked him to take care of her and if it wasn’t his plan for Shane and I to be her mommy and daddy then we would follow his will for her life! Scariest and hardest thing I’ve ever done in life! God never once left Shane and I as we walked an uncertain path daily with the sweetest little girl in the world! And you ask why Northshore? Ha because without the love and support of our Northshore family and brothers and sisters in Christ Shane and I would have crumbled! The most stressful thing we’ve ever been through was made doable because of our Northshore family and our faith in the most loving father we will ever know!