Why Northshore?

Where can you find a group of Christ followers who love and encourage one another?  Where can the broken come to be loved and encouraged?  Where can you come and be honest about who you are, and be encouraged but not judged?  The answer to each of these questions is The Church at Northshore.

Who are we?  We are a body of sinners – not sinners who wallow in their sin, but sinners just the same.  We are undeserving – but unlike many churches, we fully acknowledge that we are not worthy of God’s grace.  We the unworthy come together every Sunday morning and at gatherings throughout the week and we celebrate God’s grace.  It is because of God’s grace that are we forgiven.  We don’t take His forgiveness for granted.  We want to be better, and together we try.  We don’t try to impress each other – we try to encourage one another.   We laugh together, we cry together, we live together.  We are The Church at Northshore and we love people where they are – and try to be good examples.  We hope that others see something in us that is different; something that resembles Jesus.  Like the Casting Crown’s song, “If We Are The Body” The Church at Northshore loves.  We try to love all who come through our doors.

We are believers who have been wronged by churches in our past, and who found each other in this place we call Northshore.  I love how I can come to worship smiling or crying and am loved just the same.  I love how I can bring anyone into our midst and know they will be loved.

I have brought several people to Northshore over the years.  Most have looked around and thought it was a bit different – perhaps even strange.  Round tables, coffee during service, very casual dress and even bare feet?  And the people, they seem nice enough.  Hmmm – but what is amazing is that they have returned.  They were drawn to return – despite feeling a bit uncomfortable with the lack of ritual or routine.  They returned even if they were uncomfortable with free-style prayer.  They returned because there was something that touched them…  something different… something Northshore.  And now they are a part of that Northshore we call home, that Northshore we call family.  And they have found their way to Him.