If we had to sum up what makes Northshore unique, we’d say practicality.  There’s a certain “realness” to this body.  This is a place where you don’t have to hide what’s going on in your life.  You can ask for prayers or a ride to the airport.  If you’re sick, someone’s going to check on you and bring you food.  Even in the Sunday gatherings, the overall vibe seems somehow relevant to everyday life instead of being some entertainment thing we just do once a week.  That’s what we love about Northshore–it is truly a family, truly a community (something a lot of churches claim to be but few are–it’s uncomfortable as well as amazing to be that vulnerable).

We also love the fact that Northshore is a place where the fringes of “Christian” society can be welcomed–addicts, divorced people. It’s a hard balance to be welcoming without giving up on pushing people to grow and become healthier.

Our home church in Cleveland had a three-part mission statement that the congregation read each Sunday.  We think it is a good summary of what Northshore is about as well:  1. Proclaim the good new of Jesus’ salvation  2. Strengthen lives of people, families, and children  3.  Build up believers to serve God.  In a nutshell, this is “why Northshore.”


Andy and Alli