Four years ago moving into the NorthShore area was the most rewarding experience of our lives—ages 74 and 82. After visiting other churches in the area we walked into the Church at NorthShore and found our home. This 74 year old has a history of regular church attendance and Bible Study; this 82 year old had a spasmodic habit of church attendance. In the past 4 years (now 78 ) I have learned and understood deep in my soul more about the Scriptures making me a better person. He (now 86) fell in love with the spiritual atmosphere of the people and in the clarity of the teachings of Jesus, consequently in a few months, he gave his life to Christ Jesus and was baptized in the pool on the grounds. A comment in the crowd was overheard “ just think we have witnessed this baptism of an 82 year old man in our church”. All of this happened because God is in our midst using Pastor Doug with his unique way of presenting his messages, organizing a wonderful praise band from our own people, having healthy men to provide upkeep on the 6 acre grounds and building, and finding devoted people to serve in the leadership programs, etc.

Carolyn and Earl Collins

Why Northshore?
Because when life gets overwhelming…and it will, you will discover God has placed friends in your life that become like family. They will feed you, pray for you, cry with you and when you can, they will laugh with you. Isn’t that refreshing?

Tammy Tadlock